Welcome to Talk Books to Me! We are happy you stopped by, and look forward to sharing our love of books with you all! We are a 2 gal’s who are always looking for the next great read. We’ve been bloggers for years and one of us is a published author (Angela McPherson) so, we decided to join forces and have a little fun doing what we love…talk about books!

Thanks for the intro, Brandi! Yes, Brandi and I have worked together for years and we decided to branch out on our own, but not without including other friends we’ve met along the way. Let’s meet the team!

Karia~Lives in the land of friendly people (Canada). She works as a mad scientist by day (just kidding, she’s not mad) and unwinds by reading books with sexy, hard…working cowboys. Adding to her list of hectic, Karia is a wife and mother of three extremely talented kiddos.

Rayna Rose~ Also lives in friendly Canada and she’s, well, amazing. A Flower creating genius by day and book connoisseur by night. Rayna definitely is a kindred spirit. She’s also married and together, they have two out-going boys.

Dori Estabrook~Lives is sunny California with her husband and kids. During the day she works her magic in the kitchen by creating an assortment of delicious goodness. Just like her kitchen creations, Dori loves her books sweet…with a side of spice 😉

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