A Girlfriend’s Guide: Broken Heroes

Broken Heroes…How broken is too broken?


I wrote a Girlfriend’s Guide to Broken heroes years ago…but I feel that I need to introduce you to a few new ones!


Remember the arching theme: the tortured, broken, humbled hero.  In the face of death, despair, and distain, when the hero can no longer pull himself up from the quagmire…is it then that the hero is too broken?


The hardest blow to any hero may be the broken body.  As heroes, many of these characters need their bodies and brawn to save and to charm.  But what about PTSD…when the mind is so broken that the body is more robot than flesh? This could not be more true than Matt from Brother’s in Blue series. Matt served a shite tonne for his country and has the deep (read deep) scars to prove it. While his “Buck” status is still intact, his mind is F’d up hard. Carly is an OB/Gyn who can’t help but fall in love. While there is no cheating, I couldn’t help but think that by not letting Carly know what was going on with him, Matt was “indulging” in a form of cheating. Matt’s brokenness was new and he was struggling so both Carly and I forgave him. It was a great journey Ms. St. James gave them to their great HEA. Buy the trilogy and get all the brothers including a HFN for Teddy (note: a sweet MM at the end of the book: Brother’s In Blue Complete Trilogy)


Broken may also come in the form of a shattered heart or a firm disbelief that love can ever be for them again. Once they have found love, lose it and mourn…can there ever be another? 


T is for Tortured…T is for Torin!!!

Author Lane Hart, I loved this story and yet hated it a little bit. I loved that Torin was sooo bad and dirty that he gave the MC a dark and edgy feel, but his near constant guilt that he took out on poor Lexi was a bit ass-holish.  Torin is angry, spiteful, full of revenge and blames her for everything that he had lost. His vicious tongue, crude, rude and bitterattitude find their foci in her. But, and this was a huge but…she took it!!! Oh my heck, did she take it, just like she took him into her body and into her heart over a year ago. Torin had to regain his belief that she could be a forthright woman.  I loved watching herprove him wrong.  Her belief in mankind and her unfailing optimism won Torinover…and her love literally SAVED him.  True love can mend a broken heart and a dead soul.  All that said, a great addition to the Savage Kings MC series and I loved Lexi for Torin. They were so good and bad together!


Sticking with the Savage Kings MC…How about the hero who definitely does not dorelationships.  This type of man is also the type of guy many of my friends meet on Plenty of Fish (read fun in fiction, but crumby in real life).  The emotionally crippled man is the ultimate make work project.  Now combine the worst Plenty of Fish date and the sexiest biker around…and you get Dalton. The pinnacle example of the emotionally unavailable man. Ohhh, did I love Dalton and his manwhoring ways. The fact that he could get even a toughie to grab her ankles in less than 3 hours was impressive. But, and I mean a big But here…what was more impressive was how she got him to fall in love with her. Be still my heart!!! Just as emotionally unavailable was Mack from The Virgin Next Door by Stasia Black. Mack was so far gone at points in that book that I wasn’t sure the author could bring him back, but in the end…LOVE concurs all! Note that Mack not only found love in Calla, a woman who challenged him as much as she enthralled him, but Liam, a man who enraged him as much as he attracted him. Theirs was a true learning to love each other in their own way…broken pieces and all. I enjoyed how three broken people make one beautiful soul!


While the theme of tortured and broken heroes is a common undercurrent in romantic suspense, generally they are never too broken or tortured or embittered to see the promise of a wonderful HEA.  Tell me about your favourite broken or tortured hero…I also would love your comments and book suggestions!  Enjoy!



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