Pricked Release Blitz with Scott Mooney

Title: Pricked

Authors: Scott Mooney

Genre: Fairy Retelling

Publisher: Bleeding Ink Publishing

Publication Date: August 13th, 2019


Briar Pryce has the power to change the emotions of others by handing

them a rose. It is a talent that has done surprisingly little for her,

besides landing her a dead-end enchantment delivery job and killing any

chance she had with her childhood-crush-turned-roommate. Worst of all,

her ability might be responsible for getting her best friend transformed

into a cat via a cursed muffin basket. Needless to say, Briar is nowhere

near happily-ever-after. But that’s just life as a twentysomething in

the Poisoned Apple, New York City’s lost borough of fairy-tale wonder

and rent-controlled magic.

When Briar reluctantly agrees to help find a princess’s kidnapped

boyfriend in exchange for reversing the curse on her friend, she gets

the heroic quest she never really wanted. Unfortunately, the life of a

noble heroine is not all it’s cracked up­­ to be – the hours blow, and

Briar suspects that the Royal family employing her might be evil,

Republican, or both. To complete the suckage, a killer smoke magician is

stalking Briar as she searches both the Poisoned Apple and Manhattan for

the missing boy. As tensions between the Poisoned Apple royalty ignite

and civil war looms, Briar must figure out how to write her own happy

ending–or she’ll just be ending.
Scott Mooney is a writer, improviser, and director from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Even before he could hold a pencil, he dictated stories to his parents. He currently lives in Chicago after time in New York, Los Angeles, England, and a dozen fantasy worlds of his own creation. His debut novel, Pricked, was written during his studies at Cornell University and Oxford University.

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