Review: The Mountain Man series by Frankie Love

Hey again…Remember me…the girl who loves love! And I love reading Frankie Love!!!
Frankie Love’s “The Mountain Man” series is full of steamy, lumbersexuals, who build their own homes with their own axes! The first three books in the series feature friends who are classic 20-somethings: right out of University after majoring in completely useless degrees, have no job prospects and homeless. So what’s a girl to do??? Have a few too many glasses of wine and sign up for a mail order bride service! And wow!! The Mountain Men they get! Each MM is alpha, reclusive and wonderful! I love that they fall in love at first sight. I love that they find a home in the mountains. I love that Ms. Love gives us a new and fresh Happy Ever After ever time! 
In compiling this mini-review…I learned that Mistletoe Mountain just released! Yippeeee…
Bearded Mountain Man + Christmas=Happy Karia


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