Review: Does a Bear Shift in the Woods by Ruby Dixon

Does a Bear Shift in the Woods (Bear Bites #4)
Ruby Dixon
Published January 2nd 2016
4 smexy PNR stars
I’m a loner for a reason. I don’t have much in the way of social skills. I’d rather sit on my deck and watch the sunset than hit a tavern with coworkers. My idea of grooming is to trim my beard with a straight blade when it hits my collarbone. I can’t put two words together in the company of a pretty woman…and they don’t come much prettier than wolf-shifter Madison Thorne.
She’s everything I’m not—outgoing, easy on the eyes, and sweet. There’s no way I’m convincing her to come home with me. Fortunately I don’t have to. Maddie seems to like my gruff, unpolished self. At least, she likes me enough for one night.
The problem is getting her to stay forever.
Ahhh, insta-love and mates…I love it! Add in a super hair lumbersexual who builds you a house while waiting for you to come to him…Heart flutters!
Chance is awesome. He is mostly grunt and scowl but when he lets his hair down (literally), his is just the dominant were-bear for Madison. Looking for her place to belong has left her cold and actually lonely! As a wolf, she used to being needed in the pack life, but as a submissive wolf, she needs an alpha to soothe her soul. Chance and his orders are just the thing Maddy needs to shake off her old life and a start a new one on her own…or so she thinks when embarking on a hot one night stand. 
Fun and truly sexy…don’t look to hard into this series, just buy them and sit back in the bath tub and enjoy!


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