Review: Coming Back by Lauren Dane

Compliments of Net Galley
Coming Back (Ink & Chrome #3)
Lauren Dane
Paperback, 352 pages
Published December 8th 2015 by Forever
3 Stars
Arriving back in Seattle after five years, Jessilyn Franklin is done pretending she didn’t want two men. She’s done letting anything stop her from being with Adam and Mick, now back from the war and working at Twisted Steel, a custom hot rod and motorcycle shop. One night changes everything, but their relationship must strengthen to weather the storms they’ll face as they make their way back to one another.
Where do I start…I finished it. That might be the best I can say about this story. Jessilyn drove me absolutely mad…and I never did like her at any point in the story. I actually loved Adam and his love and dominance with Mick. Really, she was “gash” at times. But, for some reason both Mick and Adam loved her…and they loved her separately. This was the crux of my issues with this story. Mick and Jess have been best friends since he was 7 and she was 5. Then as they grew, they grew in love, but then Adam came along and at 14 she began to love Adam and he loved her. The whole Adam and Mick thing didn’t happen until they were in their 20’s…and Mick took off immediately afterwards. This is where this “second-chances” romance begins.
Jess apparently is going to fight for her happy ever after. In her mind, it is a life and love affair between the three of them: M-f, M-m, m-f…in that order. I found this weird. She expressly states that it will never be m-f-m. So, to me, there will always be her with one guy, her with the other and they guys. Co-existing more than mutually three…a subtle difference, but I believe a genuine one. This fact alone took much of my enjoyment over their blossoming relationship away from them and into the details (when my mind is thinking during a book, this is not generally a good thing…).
That said, I liked the side characters and all of Jess’s family. She and her parents were great positive energy for Mick and for Adam…both of whom had freak-show families (yes, I have that shelf). Enjoy!


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