Review: Masters for Hire by Ginger Voight

Masters for Hire (Masters Saga, #1)
Ginger Voight

Paperback, 268 pages

Published October 9th 2015 by Ivy Lane Media, LLC

4 Stars


By all appearances, Coralie Cabot seems to have it all. Pedigree? Check. Money? Check. The right boyfriend, a ‘nice’ guy hand-picked by her father? Check. Everything is going along according to plan. 
There’s only one problem. 
It’s not her plan.
Coralie’s safe, predictable life has all but been decided for her, and that leaves her itching to take a walk on the wild side. 
Enter Devlin Masters, an elite male escort whose sole purpose is giving Coralie whatever her heart desires. As though he knows her down to her core, Devlin says and does all the right things—far better than her so-called Mr. Right back home. Hello, Mr. Wrong!
For a price, she can sow her wilder oats with this sexy ‘bad boy,’ no strings attached. 
Pretty soon the question isn’t, “Should a good girl have sex with a naughty hottie for hire . . .”
It’s, “Will she ever want to stop?”
In Book One of a sizzling new saga from author Ginger Voight, MASTERS FOR HIRE blurs the line between fantasy and reality with all the drama, angst, sex, and romance that made THE GROUPIE and FULLERTON FAMILY SAGAS beloved amongst her fans.
Intended for readers 18+ for graphic sexual content.



Where do I start….



1) Is this really a woman writing this story??? How can Coralie be a 48C bra size??? I am a 36DD and while chesty, I am not large. My petite sister in law is a 38FF…she is a petite 5’1” and “plus” sized 18 and she has MELONS for boobs. That is the kind of woman I envisioned when I saw Coralie…tiny, cute and chesty with a bit of meat packed on her. The 48 part just stuck in my head that her rib cage UNDER her breasts is 48 inches around! My son’s friend who plays linebacker doesn’t even have a 48” chest size!?!?!?! If she had that big of a chest under her boobs, then the difference from her under the boobs measurement to the around the boobs is only about 6” more…you wouldn’t hardly notice that difference. To put that into perspective, my difference is 9” and I do not look big chested in clothes at all…the 6” difference in Coralie would not attract that much attention at all. Now if she were more like my sister in law, her difference is 15” and now those babies stop traffic. This may be a little detail, but as far as big chested girls go, I have had to deal with buttons popping, but also been there when my sister in law tried to contain her girls in a wedding dress (which she and her mom made because seriously…no designers sew for petite and plus and HUGE chested).

2) As a story, I loved Devlin and his fantasy…but I grew frustrated with knowing when the fantasy ended and when he was role playing. I guess like Coralie, I wanted it to be real. I truly feel that we see the most honest picture of Devlin right at the end after their encounter with her ex at work. While the CLIFFY pissed me off, I loved that the true Devlin seemed to be surfacing. Be careful what you wish for…

3) One week to fall in love is crazy, but I did it in only 1 date and we’ve been together a ¼ century…but hooking up with your escort is insane! The dude was an escort, not a playboy…why be jealous over an afternoon helping her best friends future sister in law…unless she offered him money, Devlin wasn’t looking to cheat. 

4) Coralie is OLDE money and lots of OLDE money…how she doesn’t think about spending 25K or 100K, but frets about wasting the floral deposit threw me. The continuity was a jarring reading faux pas. 

Dahhh…These things threw me. Overall…I liked the story and read it in one night, but when a couple niggly issues keep me from diving in head first, I get mad…then add on the cliffhanger (which I knew nothing about)…uggg…gimme the next book already!


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