Review: Christmas in Mustang Creek by Linda Lael Miller

Christmas in Mustang Creek (The Brides of Bliss County #4)
Linda Lael Mille
Hardcover, 272 pages
Expected publication: September 29th 2015 by HQN Books
3 ½ Stars
No one does the holidays like Linda Lael Miller, whose Christmas novels have warmed the hearts of millions of readers the world over!
Charlotte Morgan grew up in Mustang Creek, Wyoming, and couldn’t wait to escape to the big city. But life in New York isn’t as fabulous as she’d like to admit—she’s lonely, doing a job she doesn’t love and dating too many frogs she meets online.
There was one potential prince, though—Jaxon Locke, a veterinarian with definite possibilities—but his move to Idaho to fill in at his dad’s vet practice ended things just as they were getting interesting. What Charlotte doesn’t know is that he misses her, more than he expected…
Meanwhile, Charlotte’s great-aunt Geneva—the woman who raised her—needs to enter an assisted-living facility. So, just before Christmas, Charlotte moves back home. When Jax catches wind of her move back West, he’s determined to get to Wyoming and do whatever it takes to win her back.
Christmas in Mustang Creek is a magical time in a magical place, not least because of a mysterious visitor named Mrs. Klozz. She knows that love is the greatest gift of all, and she’s ready to help out Santa by giving these two a push in the right direction!

Second Chance Romance…yum!
Christmas loving…yes please!
Hot Vet who is also good with his hands and lips…NOW!
I liked this story…Jaxon knew who and what he was and he wasn’t afraid to go and get it, take it, and live it. Charlotte, or Charlie as Jaxon called her, was a farce. She was so busy trying to prove that she was big city and successful that she lost sight of what and who was important. I don’t like people like that…and you know what else I don’t like…people who can’t see the forest through the trees and Charlie was one of those people too! Thankfully, Mrs. Klozz helped her pull her head out of her back side and see the amazing, kind and loving man that was willing to take a chance on her and on love!

This story made me hungry!!! Literally, Mrs. Klozz cooked some amazing Christmas treats and food through the whole book and Jaxon and Charlie ate them up! The banter and friendship between this couple is what really made this a great read. When Charlie relaxed and let her real self out to play, those were the great scenes. I loved the whole town’s interference and their gossip (small town awesomeness!). Looking for a steamy, second chance romance with fun side characters and a Christmas theme…grab this one! Enjoy!


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