Review: Her Stepbrothers’ Demands by Trinity Blacio

Compliments of NetGalley
Review has spoilers so please read with caution…
Her Stepbrothers’ Demands
Trinity Blacio
Kindle Edition, 83 pages
Published June 30th 2015 by Riverdale Avenue Books
2 Star Read

When her mother agrees to be transformed into a werewolf to join her mate, Jasmine feels abandoned and alone, and does the only thing she can do; she tries to leave.
The fact that the man she had considered her real father’ isn’t human, but an actual werewolf, just proved that there were other beings, not human, in this world. It made her remember that her real father (who had abused her as a child), had given her to the Nightmare Man that one night (a secret she had kept hidden from all, until now).
But now that she learns that in addition to having a werewolf for a mother, she has two were-cowboy stepbrothers (who are too hot to handle), it’s almost too much to take. They were the dark cowboys of her dreams as a teenager….. Can she give in to her were-cowboy stepbrothers’ demands?

Were-cowboy stepbrothers’…Should have been my first clue, but I was looking for some steamy PNR action!
When you add more than 3 items to an omelette…it doesn’t taste good. Same goes for books…read the Christmas Cowboy Firefighter (too much going on there too!)

And then I had to ask, “Why was there like almost no smexing???” There was all this were-type info and the constant freaking protein drinks…Then Jasmine repeated over and over about her mother lying to her…I get it your mom lied to you??? She didn’t really, she just didn’t tell you everything, which you didn’t either. Which leads to the Nightmare Man…who was a vampire…I would normally say Yippee at this point. When the story gets to the showdown with the rouge vamp…Why not describe the battle with said vamp? That’s good non-sex stuff if you want to be more than romantica, but just skipped over. Le sigh…

The last couple pages of the story are the required mating/marrying business…and to me it seems all like business. I wanted more love and more romance, which apparently Were’s are not capable of performing. Add on to the that the jealousy all around and I was irked. There was so much potential all around for this story. Even one romantic scene right off the get go, like when they were just off the plane…they maybe could have “romanced and smexed her in the limo”…just a taste for her and them. Then I would have believed Jasmine’s jealous fit over the female were attaching herself to Logan. Also, I wanted each man to be more defined, RC was the dominant one and Logan the cuddlier one, but I wanted one to lead and RC just took first while Logan waited…not my ideal situation for MFM. You read it and let me know your opinion…Enjoy!


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