Review: Turning Tides by Ruby McNally

Turning Tides
Ruby McNally
August 18th 2015 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Sadly…2 Stars

Cars aren’t the only things he can hot-wire.
Fresh off an eighteen-month stint for grand theft auto, Joel Graziano heads for sleepy Montauk with nothing to his name but an ancient Buick and the keys to his grandmother’s rundown beach cottage.
He fully intends to serve out his parole fixing boats, keeping his nose clean, and minding his own damned business. Unfortunately, the locals immediately peg him as an interloper, and the keenest stare belongs to his sexy neighbor.
Charlotte “Charlie” Sanger is curious about the man with the double sleeve tattoos, but she’s got problems of her own. Her mother’s death left Charlie in charge of her father and teenage sister. The result? Joy’s pregnant and Dad isn’t speaking to either of them.
Soon Charlie is sneaking next door to lose herself in mind-blowing sex. It’s supposed to be just a temporary neighbors-with-benefits arrangement, but Joel finds Charlie and her quirky gaggle of family and friends growing on him. And he dares to hope that Charlie could be a safe place to hang his heart.
Warning: Contains an ex-con who’s not afraid of prison, earning his “red wings”, or judgmental yuppies, and a townie girl who’s having trouble convincing him she’s not slumming. An awkward visit from a parole officer, a highly mature battle of “who can care less”, and a whole new appreciation for “assume the position”.

With that smoking cover and the book blurb…I was so hoping for some steamy, sassy between the Italian stallion and the feisty local. But, sadly, this was just off the mark for me. Charlie is not smart, not engaging and just not my kind of girl. She is cold and seems a lot more interested in getting drunk and messing around with her ex than she does building a life for herself. I didn’t find her to be involved with her sister, who lives with her and is expecting…nor was she very influential with trying to build her family back up and mend her relationship with her father (who don’t even get me started!).
Joel Graziano is described as I would have expected: tall, big, muscled and tatted. But he just was not on the mark for me as the Italian stallion. He did not have the dominance and arrogance that I love in my Italian men. In fact, he seemed much happier to accept the shite that Charlie gave him…maybe prison broke him more than I thought. 
Together these two were lack luster. The smexy times were awkward…to quote my GR friend…AWKWARD! But they just seemed to be not intimate, if that makes sense. They were both getting off. Period. Which may have been fine in the “insta-love” first time or even second time, but after like Thanksgiving with the family or Christmas gift exchange…should it turn into “making love” (said in the deep Barry White voice). 
I read it all…I felt this odd need to finish it to see if these two redeemed themselves…they did and they didn’t. Just me, but I was a 2 Star through the whole book. Enjoy!


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