Review: Here He Comes Again by Melissa Shirley

Here He Comes Again (Storybrook Lake #1)
Melissa Shirley
Paperback, 171 pages
Expected publication: August 18th 2015 by Lyrical Shine
3 Stars

Welcome to Storybook Lake, where dreams come true.
Not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Jocelyn learned that the hard way, when she married her high school sweetheart Keaton Shaw—only to have him break her heart.
But that was a long time ago. The papers were signed, the divorce finalized, and Jocelyn is no longer a little girl with her head in the clouds. That’s why no one in Storybook can believe it when Keaton, the All-American dream boy, walks into Jocelyn’s bakery, looking as sweet as one of her frosted cupcakes, and demanding a second chance with the woman he still calls his wife.

This story is exactly why young immature people should not marry…especially without the support of their family and friends. The first year of marriage for me was the WORST! Now, 19 years later and 24 years together, I am much more confident and unflappable in my marriage. But early on, if a waitress even a bit too friendly with the water glass refill…my jealousy would flare. And thus, I introduce you to Joss…Jocelyn.

Jocelyn has been in love with Keaton her whole life. So why would she let any other boy kiss her? Well, because she didn’t feel good enough or worthy of Keaton. Now go back and forth with her doing this shite for the better part of 10-15 years…and you have Here He Comes Again. I did not find myself attaching to either character and I especially didn’t like any of the side characters, with the exception of Simon, Joss’ twin brother.
This story might have been a second chance romance, but I saw very little romance, a whole lot of dysfunction and even less redemption. The whole story tied up in a bow on the what turned out to be the last page and I actual words were…”What the f$#% ending is that?” Shouted to no one in particular (thankfully I was on the deck and all the kids were watching a movie downstairs. While the writing was good, the style was just not for me. I don’t like the flip back and then forward too much (I lose connection to the characters). But, for those who enjoy their characters flawed and self-involved, this is the book for you. Enjoy.


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