Review: At Ease by Olivia Brynn

Olivia Brynn’s At Ease
Kindle Edition, 56 pages
Published January 21st 2011 by Ellora’s Cave
3 Hot Stars

The Blurb

When the uniform comes off, there’s no holding back.
Jaycee Hanson has the best seat in the house in Psych 301. Right behind Tyler Johnson, ROTC captain and star of her erotic fantasies. But while lusting from afar, she’s come to one disappointing conclusion: He doesn’t seem to date outside his race.
When an accidental touch near the end of class turns into an impromptu foot rub, the rest of her wet-noodle bones are willing to go anywhere Tyler leads. She just never expected to be led into the nearest stairwell.
Tyler isn’t sure what to make of the smart, beautiful woman in his arms. If he’d had any idea Jaycee was interested in him, he would have made a move long ago. But each time he’s looked her way, she’s avoided his gaze.
A blissful afternoon at his place seems the start of something special—until objections to their relationship arise from an unexpected source. And Jaycee starts to wonder if sizzling sexual chemistry is enough.
This book has been previously published.    
Product Warnings

Contains a semi-public quickie against a wall, impromptu picnics, and a hero who knows where to draw the line—and it’s not between him and his woman.

Karia’s Quickie Review
This one was short…and steamy. The angst was their apparent tension (each not knowing the other was interested) and their race. As a blond white woman who grew up in a town in Canada with probably 3 black people (all adopted by white families), I had never encountered any resistance to black and white coupling. I just didn’t see it as an issue…my sister is marring a retired military black man next month! Tyler’s sister’s reaction was no overly surprising, but only because I saw the movie “Waiting to Exhale”. I truly had no idea…I love people…every colour, every religion and every sexuality of the spectrum. Love who you want to love and be kind in all things…Tyler was yummy and Jaycee enjoyed everything about him…enjoy this happy for now quick read! 


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