Review: Shifter’s Claim (The Shadow Shifters #4) by A.C. Arthur

Shifter's Claim

Sebastian Perry, gorgeous shape-shifter, has tremendous guilt. Completely disarmed by his momentary hesitation to save a woman, he has fallen into despair. Sworn as a shifter to protect any female in danger, no amount of status, success, or money, can make him feel right again. Prowling around his domain, Bas aches to feel complete, to feel alive, to feel the love of a female. But what woman could possibly trust a man, shifter or not, that cannot protect her? Priya Drake is tired of fending for herself. Growing up in a family that had nothing but problems, she’s made it to a top newspaper as a reporter, only to continually get snubbed by her boss. When she accidentally witnesses Bas shift, she knows she’s sitting on the scoop that will make her career. But telling the story isn’t so simple. She needs to get her facts straight, and the mounting attraction between her and Bas isn’t helping one bit. Priya thinks she has everything under control, but as the nights get hotter and danger continues to mount, Priya has to ask herself—can she betray the man she loves? (Goodreads)


4 ½ Stars

Shifter’s Claim is my first introduction to the Shadow Shifters series. After finishing it, I immediately ran out and purchased the first three. This action pact, romance filled, thrilling story kept me turning page after page until the very end. Even if there were no paranormal elements in the story, it would still be a first class thriller.

Priya Drake is a journalist who happened to see something she should not have, something that she knows could not be true. Shifters live among us. After her encounter, she receives an email wanting her to continue digging into the story of shifters or her brother will lose his life. In keeping with the story against her editor’s wishes, Priya finds herself clashing with Sebastian (Bass) Perry. Bass does everything in his power to keep Priya from finding out the truth as well as protecting her from rogue shifters. Priya, being a strong willed, no nonsense type of person, finds herself in danger more than one time as she learns the truth. Her reliance on Bass becomes more apparent when she trusts him with the truth regarding her story. Eventually the chemistry between Priya and Drake helps heal each ones personal demons and brings them into uncharted territory….trust and love.

Shifter’s Claim is well written I could not put it down until the last page was read. The cohesiveness of all the stories made it a thrilling ride. The underlying story of rogue shifters smuggling and sell drugs, the connection to a government facility studying shifters, and the shifters political system add to the almost espionage like atmosphere. Even with the main story of the developing relationship between Priya and Bass, the twist and turns throughout kept me on the edge of my seat. A.C Arthur’s talent for writing is some of the best I have read this year. She is a tour de force and others should watch out for this shining star. I highly recommend Shifter’s Claim and suggest you run to your nearest bookstore for this phenomenal book.

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