Review: Play Me (Alpha Part 1) by Blue Ashcroft

Play Me

Living in a mansion with three hot dudes could be any girl’s dream…it’s just not Kira Landis’. Not when Alex Dumont is one of them.

Other girls know him as A1pha, a beautiful, arrogant pro gamer and newly minted billionaire. Kira knows him as an ex crush and a major pain in the butt. But he’s also an old friend and gaming buddy, and when she needs to hide from her abusive ex, she knows that Alex and his roommates Ethan and Ollie (her former gaming teammates) are the right friends to depend on.

Despite the rocky history between them, Kira knows Alex is right when he states that no one can protect her better than he can. Kira’s just not sure that physical safety is worth the danger the grudge-holding, haunted, and utterly delicious pro gamer poses to her heart. But with her ex hot on her trail, and Alex looking at her in a way that’s hard to resist, she’d better figure it out soon. (Goodreads)

4 Stars

As far as novellas are concerned, Play Me is one of the best. It has just the right amount of anger, frustration, brokenness, humor, and snarkiness to keep you wanting more. Although most people do not care for cliffhangers, this one is one you will remember.


Kira Landis is hiding from her abusive ex Nate. Finding herself on the doorstep of her former gaming friend Ollie, Kira is hesitant, alone, and scared. She needs shelter, if only for one night, but when the least likely person opens the door she realizes she may have made a huge mistake.

Kira aka Lotus is a nerd. After having a hard time dealing with her parents splitting up, never having enough money, and teasing at school, Kira found her escape in gaming. In college, she came across a flyer for her college gaming club. It was through the club she met her three teammates, Ollie aka Darkhorse or Dark, Ethan aka Hawk, and Alex aka A1pha. Together the gaming community did not stand a chance. This is until Kira and Alex had an argument about Nate resulting in her leaving the three people who cared for her most. A little over a year later, she is at their doorstep asking for help. Not only is she dealing with her issues with Nate, she also deals with her feelings for the one who always had her heart.

Play Me is so well written, you find yourself laughing out loud, feeling the chemistry between Kira and Alex, and the comradery amongst all four. When the internal monologues consist of, “Oh mouth, why do you always want to get me in trouble”, one can’t help but see the human frailties of all the characters. Yet, you’ll be the first to spit out your coffee (or beverage of choice) laughing as you read how Alex throws Kira over his shoulder when she dares him to stop her. The flaunting of his dominance throughout the story only adds to Alex and Kira’s complicated relationship. Ms Ashcroft makes things more interesting by having one of the other alpha gamers focuses his attentions on Kira as well. With all this drama withing the house, one thing remains constant; everyone wants to keep Kira safe. (All that male protection is enough to have any woman swoon.)

Although the story ended with a cliffhanger, Play Me is enjoyable enough to read several times until the next installment becomes available.  Don’t miss out on one of the best novellas for 2014.

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