Review: A Dominant Man by Lena Black

A Dominant Man

Gabrielle Hyde is bright, beautiful, and feisty, with a brilliant future ahead of her and an even darker past to overcome. Damian Hunt, CEO of Hunt Industries Inc., is tormented by his inner demons, shattered past, and need to control.
When Elle falls into Hunt’s life, their need to be possessed by the other takes hold, beginning the young couple’s roller coaster affair. Damian becomes obsessed with Elle, his desire to dominate her, and his ability to give her what she deserves…Possibilities.
When their pasts make themselves present, Elle starts to wonder if she could ever truly give in to such…A DOMINANT MAN (Goodreads)



First and foremost, this is not a 50 Shades book nor should it be compared to it. Is there  Dominant/submissive over tones? Yes, but to compare it to 50 Shades of Gray is doing this book and Ms. Black a disservice. (Yes, not a fan of 50 Shades)

A Dominant Man is breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. The protagonists have their own inner demons but find solace in each other’s arms. Drawn together with fierce chemistry, neither one could deny what they felt.  They do anything and everything in their power to be together, but past demons, jealous people, and current circumstances are determined to tear them apart. Against insurmountable odds, they find love, passion, and happiness, until the one makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the other. There is so much hope, heartache, and love throughout the story, we cannot not help but feel each emotion they express.

When we first meet Gabrielle (Elle), she is smart, funny, confident, and on the fast track of becoming assistant editor of an internet magazine.But Elle has a dark secret, one she hides from her friends and family. A secret that helped her become the strong independent woman she is today.

One Saturday, Elle with her friends, Julie and Sloan have an evening of dining and dancing. At the club, Elle meets a gorgeous, domineering man, Damian. Although there is instant chemistry between them, Elle rebuffs his advances. He puts his phone number in her phone and asks her to call him. Julie and Sloan encourage Elle to call him but she refuses to do so. That Monday, she and her boss have a meeting with the new owner of the magazine. When Elle realizes that Damian is the new owner, she knows nothing good can come from this situation.

Damian knows he wants Elle and will do all in his power to get her. He is not a man used to people saying no to him. When Elle did not call him, he was determined to find her. As luck would have it, they meet again in the least likely place. Damian takes her to lunch to talk about the chemistry between them. However, the conversation does not go as planned. His dominant ways send Elle running away. Resolving to find a way to claim her as his own, Damian learns that he must also face his own traumatic past in order to win Elle.

As the story progresses, Elle and Damian can no longer deny what they feel for each other. Both are frightened by the swiftness their relationship is developing, the people determined to tear them apart, and their past, which stops them from making a full commitment to each other. The sexual chemistry between Elle and Damian is so real and so passionate; we see a turning point in both. Elle begins to trust Damian enough to explore her own sexuality and let him take possession of her soul. Damian, allowing Elle to see the child under his dominant façade, begins to face his tormenting past and open his heart to her.

Ms. Black does excellent work showing how Damian and Elle complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. She creates a realistic journey of two people finding each other working through issues and creating a deep bond. The exploration of Elle’s sexuality is true to life, based on trust and communication. Not something thrown together found in most of today’s stories. Ms. Black’s un-daunting look at a true BDSM relationship might just encourage us to research and explore the lifestyle.

Even with the BDSM aspect, A Dominant Man is a well-rounded story of love, loss, and redemption. The unexpected twist, which leads one to make the ultimate sacrifice, only solidifies the meaning of true love. It leaves us to wonder if we would ever make such a sacrifice.



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