A Girlfriend’s Guide to…Cowboys!

Girlfriends Guide to …Cowboys!
In trying to think up a topic, my mind kept straying to all the fun the RT Convention peeps were having in The Big Easy! My sister and I went three summers ago and we LOVED it…especially me! I loved everything about NOLA…I loved the smell, the people, the heat, the afternoon rain showers, the food and especially the walking at night on Bourbon! Given that Angela here at Talk Books to Me lives in Texas (even not too far from Dallas) and would love to bring her books to the big book signing…we have talking about making a sojourn to Dallas for the 2015 RT Convention. Of course, for me one of the huge draws would be Kristen Ashley, so I dorkfully texted her and said, ya, maybe we can hook up in Dallas next year (sort thing)…much to my chagrin, she will be celebrating her lovely niece’s graduation from college (atta girl!)…which leaves reason number two to go to Dallas…COWBOYS!
Angela being a huge Cowboy’s fan, of course, wants us to visit the home of the Cowboys and wear Cowboy’s gear (ummm, not)…but you combine cowboys and football and you know that I am down! I would be happy in some Longhorn or Texas A&M gear…so bring it on! I know I have some great cowboy reads and some great football reads…but do I have some recommendations with both? I had to hit the Goodreads shelves and I noticed that I am seriously lacking! So please…readers out there…Correct me and send me some cowboys who play football. I know that they are out there!
Now, on to the GR shelf that is sagging with its sheer weight (or would if it weren’t virtual)…Cowboys! I love a good cowboy read. Straight up, gotta be honest and say I love Lorelei James and all her cowboys. The Blacktop cowboys are a bit (fine line here) more focused on their rodeo exploits than their sexploits, but her Rough Riders series is so dynamic and varied that I would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite book, but I will say that I loved Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders#12) and Wrangled and Tangled (Blacktop Cowboys #3) the best. Another great series of cowboys is the Spikes and Spurs series from Carolyn Brown. Almost everyone was a 5 star read for me. I loved the first two books, Love Drunk Cowboy and Red’s Hot Cowboy the most, but each were different and driven by the characters.
One series I devoured and reviewed was the Oklahoma Nights series by Cat Johnson. From my review of One Night with a Cowboy:
Holy hotness! Tucker….I love him! Then Becca…what a sweety! Love these two kids!
I love bull riders…thus I love Tucker.
I love Army/Military heroes…thus I love Tucker.
I love cowboys who say darlin’…thus I love Tucker.
I love steamy, sweet, creative lovers…thus I love Tucker.

This was a great story, with fully fleshed three dimensional characters, who expressed their thoughts, feelings, fears and hopes. Sometimes I get a bit worried when so much is going on (bull rider, Army, cowboy, professor, etc), but this story was excellent. After losing her job at Vassar, Becca was open to expanding her horizons. Well, not really. But her sister Em was open to Becca exploring new horizons and the first step was a tenure track Assistant Professor Position at OSU. The two sisters also hit up a Rodeo in a neighboring town while they were in OK for the interview. And, as luck would have it, Tucker was riding in said rodeo and takes it upon himself to be her rodeo tour guide. To say they had instant and smoking hot chemistry would be an understatement.

Fast forward a couple months, Becca is at OSU and she and Tucker have their second “meet cute”…only this time is not as nearly as cute. I loved how these two tried to fight their attraction while attempting to justify that their mutual desire for their “relationship” was to be friends with benefits. I laughed and loved these two and my heart broke along with Becca’s. I loved that the war and camaraderie were brought into the story. I loved the HEA for these two! I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2! But, the “teaser” chapter included in this book states that the next book, Two Times as Hot, will not be out until October and that’s a long time to wait for my Lieutenant Coronel Logan! Fear not…I was fortunate enough to review the ARC for both Two Times as Hot and Three Weeks with a Bullrider and I loved them both! Check out this series for sure!
No cowboy list would be complete without some sweet hot MM cowboy lovin’. A Little Bit Country (S.J. Forst), has a sexy smooth talking cowboy falling for mouthy, wiseass rocker. I don’t generally read MM books, but I love cowboys and I love rockers. So I saw this one on the feed and looked into reviewing it. Then I read the excerpt and I went straight home and paid the money (7.74$) for this baby! Money well spent, my friends. I loved Jackson right from the get go, but I have to say that I loved Ash too. They were just the right mix of country and rock ‘n roll! They also talked to each other and worked out their issues as they arose…and golly, did these two men arise and often! Loving was plentiful, but also tasteful and loving. They were falling in love, building a monogamous relationship while forging a true and lasting friendship. Simply put: A wonderful love story.
How about some super steamy cowboy reads (BTW, all Ms James’ books range from steamy to kinky, so be warned)? Impact by Cassandra Carr is a super kinky fun cowboy book with a plot, great character development and a loving HEA. Connor was great, but I can’t wait for that sweety Grady (Collision, another great read and review posted on GR)! I was a bit ticked at Jessica running…first forces herself in there and then runs like a rabbit? I did wonder what was up with that? As I keep saying, I love cowboys and I absolutely adore the PBR (one of my dirty little secrets along with Swamp People)…I enjoyed those parts describing Connor’s rides, but would have like even more mixing with the other cowboys on the circuit. Over all, the steam was about 8/10 on the BDSM scale. Nothing too off, but Connor’s favorite way to start off a scene was a bit different (never saw that one in other books)…just saying.
Send me a comment or a link to your favorite Cowboy Read! Enjoy!

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